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Document Shredding in Circleville, OH

Royal Document Destruction

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About Royal Document Destruction Circleville

Royal Document Destruction is a qualified NAID Certified, shredding business skilled to look after your destruction requirements. With more than 20 years in the document shredding industry, your Circleville organization can have peace of mind in knowing that we are experienced and trustworthy when it comes to shredding. Our team of specialists is dedicated to following strict policies that are in line with specific legal obligations associated with document destruction.

We offer the following services in Circleville, Ohio

On-Site and Off-Site Document Shredding

Royal Document Destruction performs both on-site mobile shredding services with our state-of-the-art mobile shred trucks, and shredding services that are completed off-site at our facility. With our on-site option, we'll arrive at your Circleville business and shred all documents directly before you. Alternatively, you may have material shred at our off-site shred facility; both options are backed with the level of expertise and service, and ensure all information is 100% irrecoverable.

Why Hire Royal Document Destruction for Your Circleville Organization?

  • Professional service allows your Circleville company to save time and money, as we can destroy in minutes what may takes hours for customers to do themselves
  • Shredding is performed by NAID experts who are trained and qualified when it comes to shredding and privacy laws
  • Collection bins that are lockable, are provided to customers for easy and secure collection
  • Customers can select to use our one-time purge service or our regular, ongoing shredding option
  • A uniformed employee from Royal Document Destruction will pick up your containers and empty each onto our shred truck, or take them to our facility for shredding
  • All material is shred thoroughly beyond recognition via our shred truck, or shred equipment at our location
  • Our document shredding approach guarantees a strict Chain-of-Custody with an audit trail available if requeste
  • Circleville customers are encouraged to watch the document shredding process via video surveillance technology
  • Documents that are shredded are also sorted, collected, baled, and sent for recycling
  • A Certificate of Destruction is given to each customer once destruction is complete
  • Your Circleville company will feel confident in knowing all documents have been shred with no chance of exposure

Hard Drive and Media Destruction

Deleting or "wiping" hard drives does not rid data permanently; in fact there are plenty of occasions where files can still be retrieved. The only form of data removal that is 100% reliable is through secure destruction. Our services ensure your data can never be retrieved again.

Product Destruction Services

It's crucial that your Circleville organization is also considering safe disposal of its old promotional items and branded product as well. To protect your brand, reputation, and the safety of your community, you should make it a priority to have any corporate product disposed of properly. Royal Document Shredding in Circleville has the essential resources to rid of your apparel, outdated or defective product, media, etc. securely.

Whether your Circleville business needs to meet compliance requirements or to limit the risk of identity theft, Royal Document Destruction is your reliable source for total destruction services.

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Royal Document Destruction
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